Nesmith Cougar

Bob Nesmith and his "COUGAR"

Robert E. "Bob" Nesmith of Houston has been flying 31 years as a barn-stormer, duster, Air Force pilot and businessman. His home-built "Cougar" is the joint effort of friends and associates. More than 8,000 sets of plans have been purchased, at last count over 600 were being constructed here and abroad (working drawings and spec data sell for $6—less than cost). Bob's main idea was to design and build a plane using modified parts of existing plans so the amateur builder could examine the prints, then look at planes at the local airport and understand what he was trying to build. They chose the Continental motor mount from a Luscombe and modified it for the Lycoming engine. The slanted windshield is from the Wittman "Tailwind" and Beech D-17 stagger wing; wing construction from Mooney and "Tailwind"; landing gear a modified "Tailwind" (Bob is quick to say that you can't leave Steve Wittman out of any good design); tailwheel from a Funk; stick control from a Luscombe, Cessna 140 brake pedals; cowling from Cessna 310; fuselage from Piper; "Cub" control hinges, etc. Building cost ranges from $800 to $1,600 depending your purchasing acumen.

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